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Integrated management system

The Construction Labour Foundation is fully aware that, at present, the circumstances that surround us and in which we function involve continuing to improve continuously in everything we do.

That is why we carry on activities, produce products and provide services that can respond and meet the needs of companies and workers in the construction sector and which, in turn, are respectful of the environment and do not endanger the people who carry them out. All this while maintaining high ethical standards, in accordance with the principles of transparency, honesty and integrity.

These terms are reflected in the Integrated Management System Policy.

The Construction Labour Foundation has an integrated management system in place in all its work centres, based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. Working the same way is essential to achieve high efficiency levels. As evidence and by way of a guarantee of its Integrated Management System, the Construction Labour Foundation has in its possession Certificates issued by accredited institutions.

  • The quality management system, with nº ER-0753/2003, applicable to the management of the various products and services that it provides, which has been renewed up to the present day.
  • The environmental management system, with nº GA-2011/0591 for different centres, preventing and minimising damages to the environment that could be produced by the activity carried on.
  • The occupational health and safety management system, with nº SST-0130/2017 so that all work centres have safe working conditions for our workers, teachers and students.
Environmental Performance